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Are you looking for the best server rack accessories?

When you buy a server rack you also need server rack accessories . There are many types of server rack accessories available, some examples are: patch panels, power strips, emergency power supplies, and so on. We have put together the best server rack accessories for you!

Cover panels and blind panels
Cover panels and blind panels are used to cover empty units in the rack. This way the rack always looks neatly finished.

Patch panels
If you have a high number of internet cables in your server rack, overview is not a superfluous luxury. The different outputs of a patch panel are provided with numbers. These numbers correspond to the assigned numbers on the wall sockets in your company.

Always make sure that the cables in your server rack are not hanging loose. Good cable management helps you to avoid cable clutter and to sort all available cables clearly and neatly.

If you want to store devices that are not 19 inches in a patch rack, you can use shelves.

Lockable drawers
If you want to store CDs or documents in your rack or rack, you can use a lockable drawer. These drawers can be locked with a key.

Power strips
Of course you want to power your equipment and other server rack accessories. Special sockets are available on the market that fit in the 19-inch profile of a rack.

KVM consoles
If you have multiple servers and/or computers in your network, it is convenient to control them from one central point. A KVM console makes this possible.

Ethernet switches
If multiple devices need to be connected to an internet cable, you need an Ethernet switch to be able to do this. An Ethernet switch provides multiple internet cables with a network signal.

Fan units
To prevent heat problems in a server rack with glass door, a fan set / fan unit is required. A fan unit sucks the hot air out of the rack, causing the temperature inside the rack to drop.

Coupling sets
If several server racks have to be connected to each other, this can be done simply by using coupling sets.

If you want to place equipment in a patch rack that does not fit within the 19 inch profile, you can use L-sections, which can, for example, be used to install servers without a 19 inch profile.

In some situations it is nice to be able to move server racks. Our castor sets are the best solution for you.

Mini keyboards
It makes sense to have a keyboard in your server rack. However, a normal keyboard is often too wide. A mini keyboard does not have this problem and is therefore the optimal solution.

Cage nuts
Use cage nuts and washers to mount accessories. The nuts are attached to the 19-inch profile with special clamps. To accomplish this easily and quickly, use a handy tool.

When you place your server rack on support legs or a padestal, you create a space between rack and floor. A plinth panel ensures a clean finish.

Illumination in your server or patch rack is always a practical thing, especially when connecting devices. On our website you can choose from several types of patch lighting systems.

Flush- and surface-mounted boxes
A number is assigned to each network cable on the patch panel within your patch rack. When the network cable comes out of the wall, you can attach it to either a flush-mounted or surface-mounted socket. Make a visible note of the cable number. This gives you a quick overview of your network cabling.

If your company's power fails, you may lose unsaved data. To prevent this, use a UPS/emergency power supply. This forms a temporary buffer, allowing you to save data and to find a solution to the power problem. An absolute must for all patch racks and companies in general.

Utp cables
Are you looking for a suitable utp cable? We offer a wide range of different cable types. Just take a look around. The intelligent subdivision of our online shop makes it particularly easy for you to choose the right cable that suits your needs.

How to pick the best accessories?

Do you need further help in selecting the right server rack accessories? Our employees are ready to help you. We will provide you with the best service and professional advice. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time!