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Server racks

What are server racks?

Households, schools and companies. Almost everyone has a network nowadays. Various devices are used for this purpose, which are stored centrally in a server rack.

Enhanced security

Companies often work with sensitive information. Security of your network and network components is therefore a very important issue, as it forms the heart of your organisation. For this reason, our server cabinets are equipped as standard lockable server cabinet with lockable doors on the front, back and both sides. Due to the server cabinet locks the equipment in the lockable server rack is not accessible to everyone and you decide whom you grant access to work on your network. To safely store e.g. paper documents or manuals of network devices in your 19 inch locking rack cabinet, we also offer lockable drawers which can be mounted in the 19 inch profile.

Choose the server rack that suits you best

In order to select a server rack you have to evaluate several aspects. It is for example important to choose the correct door with the correct height and width measurements. Furthermore, you have to decide whether you need a wall mount rack or a free-standing server rack. We have all of these types of racks available from stock. We are furthermore the best address for server rack accessories and the corresponding UTP cables.

Wall mount or free-standing?

Due to its compact size, a wall mount rack can be installed or hung almost anywhere in contrast to a free-standing rack, however, offers less space for equipment. Therefore, you should carefully consider which devices need to be installed.

If there is a lot of equipment to install, a free-standing rack might be the better choice. With such a free-standing server rack you are better equipped for the future!

Door made of glass or would you prefer perforated?

An overheating caused by heat radiation from equipment in a server rack is a known problem. To prevent this, good ventilation is required. If a server rack is installed in an office space, noise reduction is also very important - in this case, choose a rack with a glass door. A perforated door, on the other hand, is suitable for devices with high heat radiation!


The height of a server rack and its equipment is specified in height units (HU) or units (U). This makes it easy to calculate how much equipment can be installed.

An example for hight calculations:
If you have 3 servers - each of 5U, a switch of 1U and a patch panel of 2U, you will have to choose a rack of at least 18U (3 x 5U+ 1U + 2U = 18U).


Each free-standing server rack has a 19-inch profile (48.26 cm) on its inside. This means that all devices with a 19-inch profile can be accommodated in such a server rack. With us you can choose between a 600mm and 800mm version of your rack of choice. The 800mm version has more space to the left and right of the profiles and is furthermore equipped with a vertical cable tray to neatly conceal any cabling.


With regard to the depth of a server rack, approx. 4 cm (40 mm) of the specified size are omitted as this specification is based on the external dimensions. You have to allow for an additional 10 cm of space so that the heat can be dissipated. When measuring your equipment, it is also advisable to consider possible connector pieces.

Any questions?

Do you have any question? With us, you are at the right address for best service and professional advice. Would you like to learn more about our products or services? Do not hesitate to contact us.