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Patch panels and keystones

Looking for patch panels?

Sick of cable clutter?

With networks with many UTP cables it is all the more important to keep a good overview. Each connector is numbered so that you can work quickly and easily.

How does a patch panel work?

All telephone and network connections converge on a patch panel, and are subsequently forwarded to an Ethernet switch. A patch panel ensures that the cabling can be connected neatly and conveniently.

Standard patch panels

Standard patch panels are available in the Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a categories.Cat5e and Cat6 patch panels are available in 24 ports and 48 ports. Cat6a patch panels are only available in 24 ports.

How do I mount a Cat7 cable on a standard patch panel?

If you want to complete your Cat7 network and are looking for a Cat 7 patch panel, you probably already know that there are no Cat7 patch panels available at the moment. What can you do?

A standard patch panel has RJ45 connectors on the front to which any patch cable with RJ45 plugs can be patched. On the back of the patch panel, the network cabling on the LSA strip can be disconnected using an LSA punch down tool or dogger. This creates a connection and sends the network signal to the mount boxes, network device or other patch panel.

What are the alternatives to the Cat7 patch panel?

To connect your Cat7 cables to a patch panel, we recommend using RJ45 Cat6a keystones which can be mounted in a modular keystone patch panel. A standard Cat6a STP patch panel can also be used. The modular patch panel is available with 24 ports. The Cat6a S/FTP keystones are compatible with Cat7 network cables and offer a bandwidth of up to 600 MHz and a transmission speed of up to 10 Gigabit.

10 inch patch panels

A clear patch cabinet is essential in order to be able to work on your network more pleasantly and efficiently. With a patch panel, network cables are installed clearly which prevents errors. When something goes wrong the problem is easier to identify. Patch panels are available in 10 inch and 19 inch so that they fit exactly in a 10 or 19 inch server cabinet. A 10 inch patch panel fits perfectly in a 10 inch server rack. There are different types of 10 inch panels available. There is a 10 inch patch panel cat5, patch panel cat6 and patch panel cat6a available. The 10 inch patch panels are standard equipped with RJ45 ports on the front and a LSA strip on the back. The 10 inch patch panels are available in 8 or 12 ports. The ports are provided with numbers and an indication plate so that you can clearly encode them yourself.

Shielded or unshielded

If you are using an utp cable that is not shielded, an unshielded UTP patch panel is sufficient. However, if you choose a shielded cable to prevent interference, it is also necessary to use a shielded patch panel to ensure the shielding properties.

Wall mount patch panels

A wall mount patch panel is equipped with a special wall mount. The patch panel is removed from the wall mount before installation. The holder can be easily attached to the wall. After you have connected the network cables at the back, put the patch panel back in the holder and it is ready for use.

Keystone patch panels

Keystone patch panels are empty housings where you can place the keystones in the patch panel yourself. The advantage is that you can choose which keystones you need and can combine the type of keystones as you wish.


We offer various keystones that are placed in a keystone patch panel. You can choose between Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7 keystones. We also distinguish the variants LSA, toolless and RJ45.

Keystone media boxes

A keystone media box is a branch box for your UTP cabling. Because no keystones have been placed yet, you can choose the type of keystones yourself and place them in the media box. In our webshop we offer separate keystones in various designs.