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Fibre optic accessories

Buy fibre optic accessories online!

Fiber optic accessories are often required to set up and manage a network that also uses fiber optic cables and equipment. In the following, we will briefly explain which accessories we supply as standard and what you can use them for.


Many devices, such as computers, do not yet have a fiber optic connection. With fiber optic converter, the fiber optic signal can be transmitted to a copper signal. You can then connect the devices with copper patch cables.

SFP (mini GBic) module

An SFP module, also known as mini-GBic, is a small unit that can be used to connect a fiber optic cable to an Ethernet switch (which is equipped with an SFP lock). In this way, you can equip an Ethernet switch with a working network connection with a fiber optic cable.

Splice cassettes

An indispensable component when splicing glass fibres is a so-called splice cassette. A splice cassette is a small holder in a splice box that picks up the fibers and their reserves.

Patch panels

In a patch cabinet, overview is crucial. Especially when it comes to cabling. Fiber optic patch panels keep you in control of all fiber optic cables. Indispensable in any professional fibre optic network.


With a fiber optic coupler, different fiber optic cables can be easily connected to each other. These can be loose or part of a patch panel. The couplers are available in many different versions, ensuring that you can make the desired optical fibre connections at any time.