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Our head office is located in the Netherlands, nearby the German border. This spacious building consists of two office floors and a warehouse of over 5000 m2. This is one of the reasons why we guarantee a minimum stock of 1000 racks!


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Looking for professional UTP tools?

Setting up a cabling network is not an easy task, but you can make it work-intensive by using UTP tools to save a lot of time and effort!

What kind of UTP tools are available?

Cable strippers
To connect cables with LSA applications or to attach connectors, the cable must be stripped, as the wires inside the cable must be connected separately. With a cable stripper you can easily and quickly remove the sheathing from the cable. The cable stripper can also be used for cutting, which is useful if cables also need to be cut to a certain size.

LSA punch down tools
An LSA punch down tool is required for the installation of cable cores to LSA connectors. With the LSA punching tool, the wire pairs are pushed directly into the correct LSA connector and cut to the right length.

Crimp pliers
If you want to attach connectors to cables, use a crimping tool. Once you have inserted the wire pairs in the correct order into the RJ45 connector, clamp them into the connectors by means of crimping pliers.

Test devices
Use test devices to assess whether you have connected your cables successfully to your devices.

Tool sets
In addition to the above tools, we have other useful accessories in our product range, such as screwdrivers, etc. Have a look at!