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Server rack / patch rack - Please make your choice

  1. Server racks and patch racks

    Available in more than 100 different sizes. The racks are equipped with glass or perforated doors.

  2. Mini server racks

    Fit perfectly under any desk. Space-saving and available in various sizes.

  3. Wall mount racks

    Suitable for smaller installation work. Available in various sizes and in black and white

  4. Accessories

    Complete your rack with our wide range of accessories. From socket outlets to fan sets.

Accessories -> Bestsellers

  1. 19-inch power strips

    Sockets are particularly suitable for server racks and can be easily inserted into the 19-inch profile of a server rack.

  2. Patch panels and keystones

    Patch panels with 19 inch mounting profiles make it easy to neatly install UTP cables. Available with 24 or 48 ports and as 19 inch standard, keystone and 10 inch patch panels.

  3. Cover panels and blind covers

    Unused spaces in a server rack can be easily and neatly finished by means of cover panels and blind covers.

  4. Shelves

    Equipment without 19 inch mounting profile can still be placed in a server rack by means of a shelf board.

  1. Fan unit

    A fan set can be used to prevent heat problems in a server rack. A fan set can be placed easily in the roof panel or 19 inch profile of a server rack with glass door.

  2. Lockable drawers

    A 19 inch lockable drawer makes it easy to centrally store CDs, manuals or other data in your server crack.

  3. Cable management

    Cable management solutions enable clean cable installation in your server rack.

  4. Cage nuts

    Order additional cage nuts to attach several accessories in a server rack.

Buy UTP cables online! -> Bestsellers

  1. Cat5e patch cables - CCA

    No network can be set up without network cabling. Do you have a CAT5e infrastructure? Then a CAT5e patch cable is sufficient. We supply them in 13 different lengths.

  2. Cat5e patch cables - 100% copper

    In addition to CAT5e CCA cables, we offer a wide range of pure copper patch cables. Only patch cables made of pure copper ensure maximum speeds. Available in 11 different lengths and 7 different colours.

  3. Cat5e FTP patch cables

    CAT5e FTP cables are shielded from the inside by a foil to avoid signal interference from COAX and power cables. Available in 14 different lengths.

  4. Cat5e cable reels - CCA

    For more extensive installation work, CAT5e cables are available on reels and in various variants. Cables on reels have no connectors, these can, however, be ordered separately.

  1. Cat6 patch cables - CCA

    A standard CAT6 patch cable provides extra stability and a throughput speed of up to 250 MHz. CAT6 cables are available in 10 colours and 12 lengths.

  2. Cat6 patch cables - 100% copper

    If you are looking for the best CAT6 network cables, you should opt for pure copper Cat6 patch cables. These cables are of the highest quality and guarantee the most stable signal. Available in 13 different lengths and 10 different colours.

  3. Cat6 S/FTP (PIMF) patch cables - 100% copper

    CAT6 SSTP patch cables made of pure copper are double shielded and reduce the risk of interference from any external power factor. Available in 14 different lengths.

  4. Cat6 cable reels - CCA

    If you are an installer or want to perform installation work, choose CAT6 cables on reels. The coiled cable is available in different lengths and variants. These cables are supplied without connectors.

  1. Cat6 outdoor cables

    Use CAT6 outdoor cables to prevent weather, vermin and UV radiation from negatively affecting and damaging the cable. Thanks to the special cable sheathing, the cable no longer has to be laid in a PVC hose.

  2. Cat6a S/FTP patch cables

    Choose CAT6a patch cables for an especially fast network. These cables have a throughput speed of up to 500 Mhz, are shielded as standard and consist of 100% copper. Available in 13 different lengths and 10 different colours

  3. DANICOM Cat6a cable reels - 100% copper

    With coiled CAT6a cables made of pure copper, speed, strength and stability are of utmost importance. This type of cable is required to ensure high transmission speed and quality even over long distances.

  4. Cat7 S/FTP patch cables

    Cat7 SFTP/PIMF pure copper patch cables are currently the best available patch cables. The cable is shielded both by foil and wickerwork, making them resistant to any interference from external power factors.

  1. Connectors

    UTP connectors are easily attached to a stranded cable. We have CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT6a connectors in our range.

  2. Cable protection

    A cable boot protects your connector and at the same time allows effective colour coding. Available in 6 different colours.

  3. Cable ties

    Bundle your cables clearly arranged and colour-coded, thanks to practical cable ties. We offer cable ties in different colours and designs.

  4. Tools

    Always choose the right tool to attach a connector to a cable. For example, you need a cable stripper, a crimping tool and a network cable tester or you simply choose one of our complete network tool sets.

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At you will find a large selection of patch racks, server rack equipment, network cabling etc. Easy online ordering, competitive prices, professional advice and good service - that's what we stand for. A satisfied customer is our number 1 priority.

A patch rack: a must for your organisation

A patch rack is a must for every entrepreneur or organization. The server racks you find at offer protection to your servers and other peripherals. In addition to server racks, we are the right address for:

Are you looking for a patch rack? Great, as patch racks allow for a tidy and clear installation of all incoming cables in your network. Our specialists will be happy to advise you which rack suits your organisation best. You have found the right one? Order it directly and conveniently online!

10 years of experience in server racks and accessories is part of DS-IT, a B.V. (Dutch limited liability company) with 10 years of experience in web shop management and specialized in network accessories. A good server rack is of great importance for a stable network within your organisation. Server racks ensure perfect overview of your IT network and offer a secure storage space for, among other things, valuable servers. Choosing the right server rack and accessories can therefore prevent a lot of problems. Our expert sales- and IT- employees will be happy to advise you on how to choose the best patch rack for your individual situation.

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We have already been able to supply many satisfied customers. From private individuals, SMEs to well-known multinationals and government institutions. We score a 9.2 out of more than 2500 reviews. We are, of course, very proud of this. It is not for nothing that we are the market leader in the Netherlands when it comes to server racks and accessories.