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Power over Ethernet switches & accessoires

  1. TP-Link 8-ports SF1008P unmanaged PoE switch
    €90.08 €109.00
  2. Zyxel 24-ports GS1920 smart managed PoE+ switch
    €487.32 €589.66
  3. Zyxel 48-ports GS1920 smart managed PoE+ switch
    €759.80 €919.36
  4. Zyxel 8-ports GS1900 smart managed PoE+ switch
    €167.68 €202.89
  5. Zyxel 10-ports GS2220 managed PoE+ switch
    €512.47 €620.09
  6. TP-Link POE150S PoE injector
    TP-Link POE150S PoE injector
    €27.24 €32.96
  7. Zyxel PoE12-HP PoE+ injector
    Zyxel PoE12-HP PoE+ injector
    €83.83 €101.43
  8. TP-Link 5-ports SG1005 unmanaged PoE switch
    €57.54 €69.62
  9. TP-Link 8-ports SG1008MP unmanaged PoE switch
    €141.38 €171.07
  10. TP-Link 28-ports SG1428PE PoE easy smart switch
    €303.82 €367.62
  11. TP-Link 16-ports SG1016PE managed PoE smart switch
    €204.26 €247.15
  12. TP-Link 10-ports 1210 managed PoE smart switch
    €164.43 €198.96
  13. TP-Link 18-ports 1218 managed PoE smart switch
    €261.90 €316.90
  14. TP-Link 10-ports Jetstream managed PoE smart switch
    €115.27 €139.48
  15. TP-Link 28-ports SG2428P Jetstream managed PoE smart switch
    €387.66 €469.07
  16. Zyxel 28-ports GS2220 managed PoE+ switch
    €837.35 €1,013.19
  17. Zyxel 50-ports GS2220 managed PoE+ switch
    €1,256.55 €1,520.43

Managed power over ethernet switch

Managed Power over Ethernet switches offer many different functions and can be configured via a CLI (Command Line Interface). Most PoE switches come with SFP ports and usually are stackable. In most cases, the managed PoE switches come with an easy-to-use web-based installation wizard, making it especially easy to set up your network. A managed Power over Ethernet switch is recommended for use in large companies where a full management is required.

Unmanaged power over ethernet

Unmanaged Power over Ethernet switches feature a number of basic functions, but no options for configuration. A simple plug'n'play-system - plug it in and the PoE switch does its job. An unmanaged Power over Ethernet switch is recommended for use in small networks, e.g. for VoIP phones and IP cameras.

Smart PoE/PoE+ switches

Smart managed power over Ethernet switches are, with regard to functionality, somewhat inbetweeners. Smart managed PoE switches have more features than unmanaged PoE switches and offer a number of configurations through a user friendly web based interface. However, in most cases, smart managed power over Ethernet switches do not offer a Command Line Interface. A smart PoE-managed switch is perfect for small and medium sized companies.

Inject Power over Ethernet into your network

If a limited number of network devices need voltage from one switch, a Power over Ethernet injector is a great solution. The injector supports voltage via a 100% copper network cable up to 100 meters and can be installed at various locations.

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