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What are the dimensions of a 19 inch rack?

Installing a network within a company or organisation needs to be done carefully and in a structured way. In the course of time, maintenance will have to be carried out or the network will have to be expanded. It is crucial to know what all the installed accessories and UTP cables are for. A 19 inch rack can ensure that the structure is maintained.

A 19 inch rack is the central point within an organisation where all UTP cabling comes together and is connected. The choice of a server rack depends on the amount of cabling within the cabinet and the required 19 inch accessories. A server cabinet therefore consists of various sizes, but what are the dimensions of a 19 inch rack? We will explain it.

What is 19 inch in mm?

In order to show the dimensions of a server cabinet, it is important to know that a server cabinet or wall mount rack, regardless of its width, always consists of four 19-inch profiles. 19 inch is a standard distance that is used to mount 19 inch accessories, provided with mounting profiles, in a 19 inch profile. A 19 inch profile is 19 inch wide. 19 inch is 482.6 mm.

What are the different server rack sizes?

As mentioned before, a server rack consists of different dimensions. It is possible that there is limited space available so that the height of a rack has to be limited. Do you prefer a server rack mounted on the wall so that space can be saved? Then a wall mount rack will be extremely suitable. Will servers of a meter deep be installed? Server racks with this depth are available for this purpose.

In short, the situation can vary enormously from one network to another. Choosing a standard rack size for each network is therefore not possible. The differences can also be seen in the product range. To choose the right server rack you have to take the following dimensions into consideration:

Server rack width

A standing server rack is available in widths of 600mm or 800mm. The distance from the profile remains the same, namely 19 inches. 800mm wide racks provides more freedom of movement for assembly and is supplied with vertical cable entry.

A wall mount rack is available in a width of 600mm.

The depth of a server rack

A server rack is available in a depth of 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm or 1200mm. Depending on the deepest device that will be placed, including power supply, the depth of a rack is chosen.

A wall mount rack is available in a depth of 450mm, 600mm (tiltable) or a complete installation depth of 600mm.

Height in Units (U)

The height of a server rack is chosen according to the height of the devices and the number of 19 inch accessories that will be mounted. The smallest server rack is a 6U wall mount rack and is available up to 18U. A mini server rack consists of 12U or 15U and standing racks are available from 18U to 47U.

How do I easily determine which size of rack I need?

By making the right planning and knowing which 19 inch accessories and other devices will be mounted in a 19 inch rack, the height and depth can be determined. The width depends on personal preference and the available space. By using the height, width and depth filters on our website, it is easy to determine the correct size of a 19 inch rack or wall mount rack.